General Information About Niagara, Canada

The region of Niagara occupies most of the Niagara River peninsula in Southern Ontario, Canada. It is a large stretch of land with twelve municipalities and has Thorold as its regional seat. The Niagara River is located on the eastern boundary along with the United States. Lake Ontario is located at the north and Lake Erie at the south. The presence of these water bodies has created a unique natural landscape in this region, which is why both agriculture and tourism industries thrive in this environment.

This region was formed in the 1970s with the merger of Welland and Lincoln Counties. It’s a part of Ontario Province with a total area of 1,854.25 square kilometres. As of 2016, the total population of this region was around 447,888. This region is a very popular tourist destination and gets over 14 million tourists every year.

Most are drawn to Niagara Falls, but there are other areas to visit as well. The busiest season is July to September and most tourists come from Canada, US, and the UK.  While agriculture and tourism are the biggest industries in this region, the wine industry has also been thriving here. The unique environment and rich soil have created ideal conditions for grape cultivation and wine-making. There are at least 13 major wineries spread across east and west Niagara.

Neighbourhoods & Cites

There are many cities and towns to explore in this region. Most are unique so they have something distinct that helps them stand apart from other neighbourhoods in this region. Here’s a look at the different neighbourhoods in this region:

Niagara Falls, ON

This is one of the biggest and most populous cities in this region, largely thanks to the location. It is home to the world-famous Niagara Falls and the part of Canada’s thriving Golden Horseshoe region. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods in this city are Buffalo, Clifton Hill, Fallsview, Fort Erie, etc.

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St. Catharines, ON

This is the largest city in the Niagara region and the 6th largest urban area in the country. It is a manufacturing hub with many established companies like General Motors, THK Rhythm Automotive, etc., located here. This city has many distinct communities like Bunting, Facer, Fitzgerald, Haig, Martindale, Power Glen, Kernahan, Lock 3, Barbican Heights, Brockview, and several more.

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Thorold, ON

This is the regional seat of Niagara. It has a relatively small population and isn’t as big as other cities in this region, but Thorold is still a thriving community. This place has many historical sites like Decew House, Old Fire Hall, Maplehurst, Welland Mills, etc. The peaceful environment along with a distinct culture draws many tourists to this place.

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Image: © Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0 / GFDL

There are several other interesting towns and places like Port Colborne, Welland, Grimsby, Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, Wainfleet, and many more.

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Parks & Rivers

The Niagara Region has an abundance of natural landscapes and water bodies, which is why it is such a big tourist attraction. There are 25 protected areas designed to preserve the natural beauty of this place. Some parks include:

Short Hills Provincial Park — This is located in the centre of the Niagara Peninsula, near St. Catherines. The landscape is full of steep valleys and hills created during the last ice age. There’s ample wildlife like coyote, white-tailed deer, meadow vole, etc., here. This park also has some unique plants that aren’t found in other parts of Canada.

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area — This protected area is used to observe the annual spring migration of raptors. The landscape is a deep gorge carved by Forty Mile Creek, which is the most impressive topographical aspect of the conversation area.

Other natural bodies of interest include the Niagara River, Falls, Butterfly Conservatory, etc. There’s a lot of natural beauty to explore in this region so you can visit everything from beaches to forests.

Culture & Events

Niagara Region has a thriving community and there are many cultural events hosted here. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Niagara Folk Arts Festival
  • Shaw Festival
  • Niagara Food & Wine Expo
  • Niagara Integrated Film Festival
  • Jazz Festival
  • Royal Canadian Henley Regatta
  • SCENE Music Festival
  • Bravo Niagara Festival of Arts

Niagara is a beautiful place to visit with plenty of things to see and explore. People who live here as well as those who visit always have a good time. This is one of the most versatile places in the country.

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